What We Do

We help lift the burden of cleanup from those who are grieving after tragedies like suicides, homicides, unattended deaths, accidents, or other biohazard situations.

We are dedicated to providing emergency rapid response 24/7/365, so we will be there whenever and wherever you need us.

Eastern Utah and Western Colorado

Absolutely Clean will travel any distance and will answer any call. We are centrally located between Eastern Utah and Western Colorado thirty miles from the state line. 

We are happy to provide our services in areas like, Price, Vernal, Moab, Blanding, Craig Steamboat, Vail, Gunnison, Pagosa Springs, Durango and all areas throughout  Utah and Colorado.

Our Strong Points

Absolutely Clean is a locally owned company that specializes in keeping the environment clean from any and every harmful bio-hazardous material. Absolutely Clean promotes the use of Bio-Green cleaning products in order to keep the environment healthy. The only IICRC certified firm in Trauma and Crime Scene Remediation. Several families and communities have benefited from the skillset and techniques of Absolutely Clean to restore what was destroyed by the traumatic incidents.

Traumatic incidents can leave a person feeling vulnerable both physically and mentally, not to question its influence financially. We at Absolutely Clean have a firm believe that no one should be a victim of this incident and even if so, no one should endure it alone.

The idea of helping our customers get through these hard times drives our firm.

  • Crime Scene
  • Death Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Unattended Death
  • Blood Cleanup
  • Trauma Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup

Trauma Cleaning Services

We have a professional and highly trained team of individuals from IICRC, providing best services to our customers in this time of need.

Biohazard Cleanup

Bio-hazard material can be extremely toxic and therefore should be treated with extreme caution. Our highly trained experts know how to dispose of these materials safely and correctly.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our staff is dedicated to restoring a property to pre-trauma condition in a professional, respectful, and discreet manner.

Unattended Death Cleanup

We know that an unattended death can be an overwhelming experience. Our licensed technicians sanitize and deodorize all of the affected areas.

Suicide / Homicide Cleanup

Our certified technicians and staff understand the discreet and private nature of a suicide or homicide cleanup. We help to return the location to pre-incident condition so you can focus on moving past your loss.

Blood Cleanup

Blood contains dangerous bio-hazard materials and therefore needs to be diposed of the correct way. We use an industry approved technique to clean and sanatize all effected areas.

Death Cleanup

Using industry approved protocols, our experts not only contain and disinfect all dangerous biological materials, we carry out our work in a caring and private manner that allows you to focus on moving past your loss.

Additional Mitigation Services


Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding brings with it many unseen dangers, such as animal feces, mold, and mildew. Therefore cleaning should be handled by trained professionals. We understand the stressful nature of the cleaning process so we help to make the process as easy as posible.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Biohazard including human and animal waste needs to be professionally  and properly cleaned and disposed of.

Gross Filth Cleaning

We are trained to clean bacteria, mold and feces that are harmful therefore should be cleaned and sanatized properly. 

Industrial Accident Cleanup

Accidents often require specialized cleaning to rid the area of biohazardous material.

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